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Furling cover – individually made to your own measurements

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Jib cover, individually made to your own measurements – please select the appropriate length above and then enter the exact desired length of the jib cover. The cover will be manufactured exactly to your desired dimensions for your headsail.

The circumference of your cover is manufactured according to standard dimensions (depending on the length of the cover) – unless you enter the desired size of your furling cover above.

You can see the colors shown above in more detail in our sample card.


high-quality, stable, durable and very UV-resistant branded acrylic cover cloth with fabric surface: masacril® Sea Star, uncoated

Cloth weight 300g / sqm

Water column >360mm

Lightfastness 7/8

high quality YKK zipper

up to 8m length: cross lacing of the lines through eyelets (without roller shackles)

Over 8m length: roller shackles for guiding the lines – as shown in the photos

Additional information

Weight 7 kg

up to 6,00m, 6,00m – 6,50m, 6,50m – 7,00m, 7,00m – 7,50m, 7,50m – 8,00m, 8m – 9m, 9m – 10m, 10m – 11m, 11m-12m, 12m – 13m, 13m – 14m, 14m – 15m, 15m – 16m, 16m – 17m, 17m – 18m, 18m – 19m, 19m – 20m


13 light beige, 14 sand, 22 dark blue, 23 navy blue, 24 night blue, 25 admiral navy, 26 tweed blue, 27 armada blue, 60 red, 65 burgundy, 66 rioja red, 90 black, 91 grey, 92 light grey, 93 silver, 94 anthrazite, 96 tweed grey, 28 tweed-midnightblue

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