Sail Service produces sails for you for almost all types of boats and sailing areas! Whether inshore, coast, offshore, regatta or blue water sailing – ask us about your individual sail:

Individual foresails made to measure

The foresail is extremely important to give the boat balanced stability and good propulsion. Most cruising yachts today have 3 different types of headsail, which can be changed as required:

  • a genoa
  • a jib
  • and a storm jib

Usually only the genoa is used on furling systems, as the sail area can be minimized by rolling in here.

Buy genoa or jib

Most often the headsails are made in cross cut (Horizontalcut) We plan your sail according to your needs and area requirements. In doing so, we take into account an optimal choice of fabric based on your sail area, which should ensure a particularly long lifespan of the sail.

Of course, we manufacture your headsail individually according to your wishes or the circumstances on your boat. Foam stripes, reef markings, trim stripes or special windows? No problem, let us know and we will take it into account during production. Here you will find detailed information about the equipmentour headsails.

The professional software-based calculation of your sail enables us to plan your sail the best way. When planning, of course, we take into account the cheapest and most durable variant. Only very high quality material from established European cloth manufacturers is used for processing.

We can make you a binding offer if you enter the detailed dimensions of your sail and your equipment requirements in our dimension sheet and send it to us: