Catamaran with Gennaker and FurlerGennaker and furling system from a single source

Sail Service Poland has specialized in offering you gennakers and suitable furlers as a complete set from a single source. The sails are individually made to measure for your boat by Sail Service – you will also receive the perfectly matching furling system. Every single gennaker furler bundle is tested for functionality in the factory.

A gennaker furler works in a similar way to a headsail furling system. An anti-torsion cable serves as a pivot point. The furler consists of an endless roller for the sail neck, an anti-torsion cable and a top swivel. We offer different furling systems from Ronstan or Facnor, depending on the size of the boat and the areas of application. The Facnor Furlers (as one of the few manufacturers) have an optional automatic return stop system, which prevents the gennaker from unintentionally rolling out – a very important feature for safety on board from our point of view.

We manufacture the gennakers ourselves according to your wishes. Whether runner (A1 / A2) for broad reach to downwind courses or reacher (G1 / G2) for half wind to broad reach courses or code zero. Information on the individual light wind additional sails and their areas of application can be found here in the polar diagram in our dimension sheet additional sails..

Fast and safe maneuvers thanks to the furling system

For all gennakers we use very high quality spinnaker cloth from the world market leader Contender. This canvas is produced in Holland. The fabric weight of the individual sail depends on the size of the boat and the sail, the sailing area and the type of boat (monohull or multi-hull). Here you will find detailed information about the equipment of our light wind additional sails.

From our experience over many years, we prefer a G1 gennaker – a hybrid between Code Zero and the classic (A1) runner gennaker, which delivers good propulsion on half-wind to broad reach courses. The luff of the G1 gennaker is – like a Code Zero – cut straight and firmly connected with an anti-torsion line, so it can be wound up with any endless furler. The typical bubbles of top-down furling or the turning back of the torsion line called backspin are thus excluded. Compared to Code Zero, the sail is deeper profiled and cut wider in the upper area – this gives us more area and the sail stands better on lower courses.

The usual A1 gennakers, like the G1, provide the desired propulsion on spacing courses, but the top-down furling technique used requires a very fine balance between the incidence of wind, winding speed and sheet tension – so that problems quickly arise when hauling it in. In the worst case scenario, the sail cannot be rolled in or out.

For small crews in particular, the complete set of G1 reacher gennaker & matching furler is an option with which you will succeed in your maneuvers quickly and safely!

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Gennaker and furling system from Sail Service Germany