When buying new sails for your boat, we always recommend investing in suitable cover. This allows you to maintain the quality of your sails for a much longer period of time. They offer protection against dirt and, above all, against harmful UV radiation.

In addition to the manufacture of boat sails, Sail Service has also specialized in the manufacture of sail covers such as lazy bags / main drop systems, boom covers and furling jib snuffers.

We use masacril® Sea Star acrylic cover fabric with a fabric surface as the material for the sail covers: The fabric consists of high-quality acrylic, especially for spray hoods, awnings, sail clothing and covers The fabric is treated with fluorocarbon and coated with TEFLON®. This increases the water-repellent effect and delays the adhesion of dirt. masacril® Sea Star is available in an uncoated and a coated version, which is chosen depending on the intended use. A PDF with all available colors is available for download at the bottom of this page.

We have been using masacril for many years and have had excellent experiences with its durability and UV resistance. We recently had an 8-year-old mainsail cover in our hands – the color of which has hardly deviated from the original condition after this long use

For sail covers:

  • masacril® Sea Star uncoated
  • Cloth weight 300g / sqm
  • Water colum< > 360mm
  • Lightfastness 7/8

For cockpit covers:

  • masacril® Sea Star coated
  • Cloth weight 330g/sqm
  • water column 1.000mm
  • Lightfastness 7/8

Would you like to buy a cover? You can order all sail covers directly in ouronline shop.

Please refer to the color sample catalog provided below for thecolor of the fabric.